Star Ceiling - XVR Create the Ultimate Star Ceilings!

Hi, If you have been searching the web on how to setup an awesome adult realistic star ceiling with true simplicity and ease of install then you are at the right place. With countless thousands of star ceilings setup around the world since 2009 the XVR stars are simply the best time proven solution for indoor star ceiling creation.

A defined animation effect to create indoor night sky perfection my animation stars are not harsh and unrealistic like fiber optic twinkle wheels they provide a subtle yet clearly visible and highly realistic movement. The most technologically advanced glow in the dark stars in the world you will not get better than the 5th Gen XVR star ceiling for bedrooms!

Super Simple Install

XVR star strips the most unique and innovative star application method as simple as sliding the stars off the multi-row star strips and into position and without needing to hold a large and maybe even awkward sheet of stars.

5th Generation XVR - Star Ceiling Overview

Stunning bluish/white stars while viewing in the dark. They will show as high blue in the video’s because they are massively overcharged with a UV blacklight just seconds before shooting the video’s and this is to help the camera capture a raw glimpse of the star ceiling. In person the star afterglow is perfect in representing the true night sky from the colour hue to the variation of star intensities and the depth in the star field something that can only be seen while actually viewing the stars in the dark.

Your star ceiling will be alive with movement just minutes after lights out in the dark room (Provided they have not been overcharged at the point of viewing). There has always been skepticism over the animation/movement effect I have described since 2009 and the new animation effect (2018) is now more defined and effective. The realism of this animation is also perfect in replicating the real night sky and does not look fake like other systems.

Enjoy your star ceiling when it makes the most sense my 5th gen glow in the dark stars give you realism from just a few minutes of lights out and increase in effect until your eyes fully dark adapt. This is a very important feature as there is little point having to wait between one and several hours to get any realism which is what all other glow in the dark based stars require and that’s if they have any true realism to begin with?

The stars are still whitish in day colour which makes them virtually disappear on white or very light coloured ceilings during regular daylight hours and then simply stunning once the room is dark. You do not need a dark ceiling colour as the stars will give you the illusion of deep black space thruout your star field regardless of the background as you can see in the main video above which is filmed on a white ceiling.

Completely safe for bedroom installs with the glow in the dark composition at: Zero VOC, Zero HAPs, Non-Radioactive and Non-Toxic you can see more information about this Here.

These glow in the dark stars will glow all night every night for decades and are designed to be used as adult realistic star ceilings but are also perfect for youngsters or even a nursery star ceiling, the perfect gift for any person at any age!

Unmatched by all other glow in the dark stars hand made or machine made, glow stickers, glow paint, fibre optics etc. Unlike fibre optics there is no need for ceiling excess, no cables to run, no power supplies to install and no holes to drill. There is also no mess like glow paint and the star ceiling outcome is always perfect. All the stars including the smallest micro stars have self adhesive bases so they are simple to place on the ceiling and no glue is required, just slide off the star strip then press.

You can see in these images how the micro stars are happily glowing away on my hand without being connected to any power source!

Showing an illuminated XVR glow in the dark star strip
Glow in the dark stars closeup photograph

Why Glowpatch Stars Remain the Best in the World!

Image showing varied intensity of glow in the dark stars used to create a realistic star ceiling

This star intensity panel shows the different glow levels with my XVR series glow in the dark stars but now the animation effect is higher and works with the L1 through L5 stars. Having a defined animation effect is critical to creating true realism within your star ceiling you do not want a boring and static star field. This new animation is a step up from my 4th gen star kits and further increases the animated viewing experience.

When you look at the true night sky it does not look uniform in brightness and intensity and there is an intricate balance between stars this is where all other glow in the dark stars, LEDs and fibre optics struggle at creating any realism. To achieve perfect effect with your star ceiling requires the glow intensity of the star ranges to be precisely controlled at the production level so that the same intricate balance is created in a way that is relative to true night sky realism.

The star ceiling depth is also a defining factor you need to have high depth within your star ceiling but do not want an “in your face” type effect where all or most of the stars are prominent as that detracts from the realism factor in a major way, think mass produced stars here. With my stars the intensity range from the most faint depth stars to the brightest blue giants is precisely controlled so they work together perfect giving you a stunning and smoothly transitioned star field.

XVR stars are still the only glow in the dark stars in the world able to meet these critical aspects of achieving true indoor star ceiling realism. If you want to have the best time proven indoor night sky solution on your bedroom ceiling the 5th gen XVR-632V star kit is for you!

XVR Glow in the Dark Stars & Room Darkness

Glow stars image taken with lower darkness
Glow stars image taken with higher darkness

These images illustrate the high importance of room darkness while viewing your XVR star ceiling. The bedroom version stars are glow in the dark stars so even small amounts of interfering light can impact the night sky effect as you can clearly see. If you have correct room darkness the star range of intensities, animation and depth will be perfect. The effect you may or may not get will fully depend on how you optimize your room for the correct minimum level of darkness.

My definition of correct room darkness: After light’s out and when at least 15 minutes has passed you should find it quite difficult to freely move within the room. It is critical that at least 15 minutes have past before determining the darkness of the room as you will not see a high level of interfering light until your eyes start to dark adapt. You should test your room for compatibility before installing the stars and if your room is not at this darkness level at a minimum you need to obtain this level of darkness. Watch this 30 second video if you can which will show what I am referring too.

Unique Glow in the Dark Star Concept

Time lapse photograph of a blue giant, animation star and a magnification so you can easily see the fully moulded shape also seen in the video but in reality these glow in the dark stars are very very small. Each of these tiny mouldings is it’s own glow in the dark light source that requires no batteries or power supplies and because this energy is defined by each individual star it gives the stars the capacity to produce an awesome star ceiling effect that will shine all night every night and with zero maintenance.

Magnified image of XVR glow in the dark stars

Where all the XVR Technology Happens!

An image of my XVR star table where I have hand created countless thousands of XVR star ceiling kits over the past years. This is where I create and define the animation stars and control the intensity of the bright stars through to the blue giants as I make them. You can see the hand and arm supports I setup a few years back when I had a lot of problems with neck, shoulder and back pain from making so many star kits, thankfully no longer a problem!

Star Ceiling Instructions - 5th GEN - Multi Row Star Strips

This install video goes through setting up the XVR bedroom stars. I suggest you watch the full video before installing your stars but if you can’t just follow the basic image instructions below.

Image 1: Showing how to use the glow in the dark stars when creating a star ceiling
Image 2: Setting up glow in the dark stars on a panel
Image 3: More glow in the dark stars being applied to create a star ceiling
Image 4: Alternate way of taking glow in the dark stars while creating a star ceiling
  • Make sure your ceiling or wall is clean, dry and dust free before you place your stars or you will end up with some falling stars 🙂 Also I have pictured how to install the stars on a black background just so you can see how I am fitting them but on a white or very light coloured background or ceiling the stars will be almost invisible during regular daylight hours. That is not to say you cannot have a dark background or ceiling as the stars do work on any background colour.
  • The XVR-632V star ceiling kit should be used to create a star field over a 10 square metre or 100 square foot area. So this is an approximate half square metre (5sq. ft) for each row of 29 stars or two rows of stars per square metre (10sq. ft). You can separate the stars out even more maybe as much as 14sqm you will simply have a lower star density. If installing into an area of only 8sqm or less I recommend you use only a few of the constellation stars as too many of the brighter range stars in a small area will risk over brightening the room and effecting the faint to mid range stars.
  • Tip: If you are not confident about installing fit only half of your total stars over the full star field area to begin with and then add more stars after viewing in the dark room. Once viewed add a few more in area's you want to make more dense, view again and repeat. This technique is not necessary but it is very effective as you will be able to fine tune the star ceiling to your own personal preference far better than just banging them up in one go. Doing this will also allow you to understand just how dynamically you can alter your star ceiling look with just a few extra stars in any given area.
  • Note: It is very important that you slide the stars off the strips along the length of the strip (See Install video) so this would be 29 stars per row not including the 2 constellation stars and blue giants at the top. Never take stars across the width (5 stars) or you will mess up the install.
  • If setting up constellations see the Constellation page for details and instructions.

Correct Room Darkness for Bedroom Stars

Over the past 9 years I have made it clear that you must have a dark room while viewing the stars or they simply cannot work. That should be it dark means dark but I have found that some people’s definition of dark is not dark at all. In one extreme case a woman stated she was only running a small night light in the room and was wanting to know why the stars where not working very well. Now this is beyond me how a person can truly be this illogical but sadly it is possible and in her case I was surprised the stars where working at all.

Again my definition of correct room darkness: After light’s out and when at least 15 minutes has passed you should find it quite difficult to freely move within the room. It is critical that at least 15 minutes have past before determining the darkness of the room as you will not see a high level of interfering light until your eyes start to dark adapt. You should test your room for compatibility before installing the stars and if your room is not at this darkness level at a minimum you need to obtain this level of darkness.

If your room lacks this darkness level you could try stars from either Star Scenes in Australia or Stella Murals in New Zealand.

Please Note: The following information is simply my view on some specific area’s relating to my night sky art but is not related to the install instructions. If you would like to understand a little more about my view and my passion for what I do then certainly read on.

Charging the XVR glow in the dark Stars

My bedroom stars (The glow in the dark version) provide depth, animation and variation of star intensities to the star ceiling which are all critical for realism while you view. The following information provides a basic understanding of charge vs star performance so you can get the most out of your bedroom star ceiling. Charging does not apply to the theatre star version which reacts to black light.

Method-1: Afternoon daylight in the room with an extra 5 to 15 minutes of regular room light before viewing. With this method of charge the star ceiling will be highly realistic from just minutes of lights out because the faint stars are providing both the depth and animation effect which will then increase over the following 20+ minutes.

Method-2: Using a black light or high lumen lamp but turning it off 30 minutes before viewing. In this case you will be charging the brighter range stars up to their peak peformance which is fine but you are also giving the faint stars enough time to drop back to their designed operating levels which again is critical for the depth and animation thruout the star ceiling.

Method-3: Using a black light or high lumen lamp right before viewing. So with this method the brighter range stars will still charge to their peak intensities again this is fine but the faint stars will also be greatly over charged so when you view the stars at direct lights out the star ceiling will be too uniform in brightness and there will be very little depth and animation. I do not recommended this method at all I am just refering to it because many people think that higher charging equals a better effect.

The 5th gen bedroom stars charge very easy and you will likely find that a regular room light used for a few minutes before viewing is all that is needed but if done correctly high charging can be useful.

Personally I use both method 1 & 2 depending on the day. So on days where I get good afternoon daylight in my room I just use an incandescent bulb for a few minutes before viewing the stars. Here the stars will simply pickup a bit extra charge but will not overcharge to the point of effecting the depth and animation in the star ceiling. Having the stars working at their designed level means you can view a stunning night sky in just a few minutes of lights out and before your eyes have even dark adapted. On highly overcast days with very little afternoon daylight I hit the stars with 30 seconds of strong blacklight 30 minutes before viewing. This simply makes up for the loss of afternoon daylight without taking a loss in the night sky effect.

Glowpatch Easy fit star strip format

When you are setting up a star ceiling you don’t want to have the ceiling stars provided in a way that makes them difficult to setup. With all other glow in the dark stars regardless of whether they are hand made or mass produced they come in large and sometimes awkward sheets with groups of identical stars. This may not seem like an issue when you buy but when time comes to install you will always be second guessing yourself as to which size star to take or have you already taken that star or maybe you should be putting more of one and less of another.

The far smarter designed Glowpatch star strip format is a unique proprietary configuration that makes the glow in the dark stars very easy to handle and install. The work has been done for you in that the stars are provided in a pre-determined order so that all you have to do is simply slide the next star in line off the star strip and onto the ceiling. You will never second guess yourself and once you slide one star into position the next star can go anywhere on the ceiling. This pre-determined order is also no guess it is based on over 14 years of true realism star ceiling creation which nobody else on the planet can match.

True Star Ceiling Realism for Adults

Since the early days of my star ceiling art I have been referring to the importance of star variation and intensities. Being the worlds original creator of adult indoor night sky realism I have the actual skill to implement this into my night sky art providing true realism. Back when I started this journey (2004) there was not even the slightest connection between glow in the dark stars and realism. I even see people writing about the glow in the dark stars of the past being childish and unrealistic but these comments are based on pure ignorance of what actually exists.

These days even the mass producers are claiming realism with their stars but they are nothing more than glow in the dark confetti and always will be as they have next to no control in production. Other hand makers are also attempting realism and while better than glow confetti still lack the level of depth, variation and animation required to create an adult realistic star ceiling.

On this topic I get many emails every year from irate people (Clearly have nothing useful to do with their lives) that say I am unfair to the cheap mass produced stars but I do not have a problem with those stars. I do however have a problem with sellers claiming night sky realism when the only realism that exists is the word realistic that they type on their listings. Also I have yet to see any other maker hand made or otherwise that provides technical information as to why their stars will have even remotely true realism, typing the word realism is super easy but producing the true result is a whole other animal.

Glow in the dark stars image photographed with the Sony A7s

Unmatched Professional Hand Made Craftmanship

My XVR stars are also the only professional hand made glow in the dark stars in the world.

So you may be thinking well because the others are hand made they don’t have to be made perfect and that would be a valid thought as I myself love other hand made products. With true night sky realism however it is an absolute necessity to have full control of the production as it’s in this highly intricate process that the individual star performance will be determined.

So when you do not have the ability to fully control the work you automatically lose the precision that is required to achieve true realism within the star ceiling you are creating. I am referring to the type of night sky perfection that an adult wants to view and not for a nursery or 2 year old. The other major problem with a lack of precision is that the star kit you purchase may be fluked as a better production or it could be worse you simply will not know what you are going to get because the maker can’t control the outcome.

Mass produced cheap stars are a great example for this because they are made reliably that’s what a machine does it keeps producing the identical thing over and over. Now this is a very cost effective production method but the problem of coarse is that the machine is stupid and does not have the unique skill needed to produce realistic stars. Actual night sky realism is something that requires true craftsmanship so with mass produced stars you are guaranteed of what you are buying it’s just that you are also guaranteed that it won’t work. If you have purchased other hand made stars or machine stars in the past and think they are great it’s only because you have never viewed a true indoor night sky and have nothing to compare against.

Zero VOCs or HAPs and non Radioactive

This is an interesting area as I get many emails from people concerned about VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Organic Particles) and it is a valid concern. My stars are Non-Radioactive so that does not apply. At the ripe young age of 50 I look after my own health in many ways from not eating commercially produced toxic foods to avoiding all Pharmaceutical poisons to excersize and nutrition. So when it comes to placing something toxic in my own bedroom it’s just not going to happen and this is also what I expect for my customers.

So when I addressed this issue back in the early days (Mid 2000) I had to look at VOCs and HAPs. What I had done back then and still do now is use a full cure 100% solids epoxy which is as close to zero as possible for both types. Now being highly experienced in working with resins for more than 30 years I know there is no such thing as zero emissions your own house even if built 30 years earlier will still be emitting toxicity. However the combined total emissions of my full star kit fitted to a bedroom ceiling will be less than the emissions emitted from around a few square inches of cured house paint so clearly that is as good as it has to be.

Any Other True Realism Star Makers in the World?

When it comes to adult realistic star ceilings there is not a single machine or human that can match what I do and there are countless thousands of people around the globe that already know this. I am also referring to my past star kits up to the XVR fourth version but the 5th gen version from early 2018 is even better again. If there is a single other maker anywhere in the world that thinks they can match my star ceiling art I would love to hear from you! contact me: