Star Ceiling Constellations for the XVR Star Field

If you love astronomy and star gazing and the idea of having a super realistic star ceiling then you may also want star constellations within that star ceiling. You can see in the above image that this bedroom ceiling not only has random stars but also the Aries, Monoceros and Canis_Major star constellations set up astronomically correct. Using my Glowpatch projection templates you can set up this amazing night sky without having to map out or guess your star positions making it fast, easy and accurate.

I no longer supply constellation templates as I don’t have the time so I have setup pdf files for each of the below constellations which you can print and then make your own projection templates. When you print the template do so on A4 card stock rather than normal paper as you will get a better projection. Also this page will not go into how and why the stars work for that information see the XVR Star Ceiling page.

Image showing how to project a star constellation

In this image you can see the projection of the Aries constellation that I setup as an example. When you move the torch closer or further from the template you will vary the projection size. You want around a 400mm span for each individual constellation that you are setting up and the torch must have a wide beam as shown.

Star Constellation Projection Templates

Andromeda Constellation – C1.pdf

Aquarius Constellation – C19

Aquila Constellation – C2.pdf
Aries Constellation – C3.pdf
Cancer Constellation – C22.pdf
Canis Major Constellation – C4.pdf
Cassiopeia Constellation – C5.pdf
Corona Boraelis Constellation – C6.pdf
Crux Constellation – C7.pdf
Gemini Constellation – C8.pdf
Leo Constellation – C9.pdf
Libra Constellation – C23.pdf
Little Dipper Constellation – C10.pdf
Lupus Constellation – C11.pdf
Monoceros Constellation – C12.pdf
Orion Constellation – C17.pdf>
Phoenix Constellation – C13.pdf
Pisces Constellation – C20.pdf
Sagittarius Constellation – C21.pdf
Scorpius Constellation – C15.pdf

Taurus Constellation – C16.pdf

The Big Dipper Constellation – C14.pdf
  • Select which constellation templates you want to use and print them out on card stock type paper using the matching pdf file. Once you have your prints punch the holes through the paper as shown and then your constellation template is ready to be used.
  • You will need the help of one person to project the image with a torch. The torch needs to have a wide beam because a narrow or spot beam will not transfer a usable shadow image. You can see the wide beam in my Aries projection example at the top of this page.
  • The person holding the torch and template can use the back of a chair to help steady their hands but it's not critical. They should hold the torch at a distance from the template that will give a constellation projection span of around 400mm in the longest direction. To vary the size of the shadow image being projected simply move the torch closer or further to the template.
  • The XVR-632V star kit has 2 rows of 5 constellation stars just under the 3 blue giants at the top of each multi-row star strip. Once your helper is projecting the image in the correct ceiling position and span place one of those 10 constellation stars into each of the projected circles on the ceiling.
  • If you are fitting constellations do so before the random stars and if you want just a random star field simply add the constellation stars while you fit the random stars. I do recommend that you limit the constellation stars if your star ceiling area will be under 8sqm or 80 square feet using maybe half or less of those stars.