Frequently Asked Questions - Bedroom Stars

Question: Will a UV black light charge the stars higher than a high lumen globe or regular room light?

Answer: High charging is not required for the 4th or 5th gen XVR stars you should have more than enough charging from 5 to 15 minutes with a regular room light, I use an incandescent globe! Using a high lumen lamp or UV black light will charge the bright range stars higher but should be turned off at least 15 minutes before viewing. This is simply because the faint to mid range stars will need to drop down to their correct operating level before being able to provide the designed depth and animation. If you have an early star version then you may get some benefit from using a black light for charging as they did not charge as easily as the current stars.

Question: Not all the stars are glowing brightly on the star strips I received?

Answer: You will not see all of the stars working the same by trying to charge them on the strips no matter how much light you use. Most of the technology is in the faint stars which will provide most of the animation and depth to the star ceiling but until they are installed and viewed correctly they will look like they have very little glow which is exactly what they should look like while on the strip.

Just fit the stars from say two rows over a one square meter or 10 square foot area as my instructions show and then view the stars in the dark room for at least 15 minutes. Installing the stars is the only way you will see what they actually do and after you see the perfection from the first few stars installed you will be excited to create your full star ceiling area.

Question: Can I photograph my star ceiling?

Answer: It is not likely you would be able to photograph your stars with any real quality. Some customers have taken photo’s which you can see on my comments page but those photo’s along with all of my own on this site (Taken with the Sony A7s) are simply the best of a bad bunch 🙂 No photograph will reflect the perfection you would see with your own eyes in a correctly dark room while viewing the stars and they also will not show animation.

There are many poorly taken photographs floating around the web which is a pity because any people seeing those images will think that they represent the night sky effect when they are not even in the range of a few percent of the true effect.

As of right now (Jan 2018) I have had some success taking video of the stars just at the point of being overcharged via blacklight. The camera I use is the Sony A7s and I use high ISO but even then the camera cannot show what your eyes would see in a correctly dark room.

Question: Does my room need to be dark while viewing the stars?

Answer: Yes room darkness is critical to effect and if you have that you will never see a more realistic and stunning indoor night sky. You can see my definition for minimum room darkness just below the XVR bedroom star instructions.

Question: Do you have to move your head to get the effect of movement?

Answer: No my latest XVR stars have awesome movement almost instantly. There may be a delay of between 2 minutes and up to maybe 15 minutes in seeing the animation depending on what level of charge you give the stars. High lumen or blacklight charging will slow the effect slightly as they over charge the animation stars. The 5th gen stars charge very easy so first just test your regular room light for effect. Personally I use an incandescent globe which charges perfect but a CFL is also common and works just fine. Whatever room light you have just test different charging times over a few nights and see what works best for your room.

Question: Can I order more of a certain star type to create the Milky Way effect?

Answer: No amount of any star range or size will give the Milky Way effect you would need to try using glow paint.  If you did try the Milky Way effect at lights out should take around 15 minutes in the dark room to appear and it should remain very subtle. If you see the effect to fast or even worse at lights out you have over applied the glow paint and I guarantee it will interfere with the most important animation stars. If you are not confident to do this it is better to not attempt it.

Question: If repainting a ceiling can you paint over the stars?

Answer: No you should not paint over my stars or any other glow medium and even though I have read this is possible from some people Online it is not and the statement is completely false.

The stars are their own light source so as an example if you where to go out and paint your car headlights or throw a coat or two over your house globes how well do you think they would work? If you are considering repainting get that done before fitting the stars so they can continue to shine for many years into the future and don’t buy into the BS

Question: Should I paint my ceiling black?

Answer: The bedroom stars are designed for white or very light ceilings so on dark ceilings the stars will stand out during daylight hours as they are whitish in day colour. The current stars work on any colour background and you will get a deeper black space effect on a dark background but a light background provides a higher star aura. Both ways the effect is stunning so it really won’t matter but I prefer white myself. The theatre stars are different and are best viewed on a dark colour ceiling.

Question: Can the star light effect my melatonin production?

Answer: From the research I have done it takes light intensity (Lumens) to effect melatonin production so as an example having a clock in your bedroom which emits strong blue light is something that most likely will effect your melatonin and this would apply to any other powered light sources that emit strong blue light. In comparison my stars emit intensity in milli candelas a fraction of a single lumen so the star light is very soft and mimics that of the true stars it would be highly unlikely they effect melatonin production, I don’t think the ancient hunter gatherers where kept awake at night by viewing the real stars!

Also in the past 9 years of making my ceiling stars and out of countless thousands of customers I have heard the exact opposite from many people that they have found the stars to be very calming and relaxing sending them off to noddy land. I find the same personally they help rather than hinder my own sleep but this is something you need to decide for yourself.

Question: Will my ceiling fan effect the view?

Answer: Hundreds of my customers have ceiling fans and not one has ever reported a problem in the years I have been selling my ceiling art. I would recommend that you don’t use any of the super bright stars directly under the fan as there is a risk of illuminating the fan blades which won’t effect the star ceiling but you don’t want to illuminate the fan blades if possible.

Question: When I get up at night and come back to my room I can’t see all the stars?

Answer: If you walk away from your bedroom at night and use a powered light in another room and come back to your dark room don’t expect to see the stars correctly until your eyes re-adjust to the dark. It will take your eye’s some time to re-adjust to the darkness after seeing any powered light. If you want the stars to be working turn the light on while you are gone so they charge back up.

Question: After I have fitted some stars they don’t seem to have a strong grip to the ceiling?

Answer: You should never try and feel the grip of a star after fitting it as it will build it’s grip over a few days. You should just push each star firmly to the ceiling for half a second which will activate the adhesive and then just leave them to do their thing.

Question: Are the stars safe to use for a Nursery star ceiling?

Answer: Yes, if the ceiling is dry and dust free when you fit the stars they will stay in place just fine. You may have the odd star fall now and again over time but the stars are so small they are not a chocking hazard. The blue giants have a tiny bit of size and if they are a concern for you bond them up with a bit of silicone or glue in place of their own adhesive.

Question: Can you use the stars on a sloped ceiling?

Answer: The slope won’t matter but the stars are designed to have a minimum distance of 6 feet from the viewers eyes when looking directly up. If the ceiling slopes lower than this above the viewers eyes start the stars a little further forward to keep the minimum distance.

Question: I have been told I have to pay import charges to collect my item is this normal?

Answer: As stated in my shipping information you are responsible for your own countries Import Duties or Taxes if any. I do not control what your Government may charge you nor do I profit from their tax.

Question: If I am renting can I reuse the stars if I move?

Answer: No, my stars can only be fitted once and you would never get them to work a second time even if you managed to glue them because they would not be in the correct order. They are supplied to you in a way that will give you a perfect night sky effect without you even trying.

It is super simple to make a portable night sky and it works magnificent with the 5th gen stars. All you need is paper just a satin or matte type it does not need to be gloss and you can even go to any print shop in your area and get A0 size paper laminated to have long term durability.

Get as many as you want to hang up like giant night sky posters and then you will have an awesome mobile night sky and can move it around as much as you like. It is best not to hang star posters on more than one wall as any stars opposing each other may also cancel each other out to an extent.

Question: My International order is taking longer than 16 days to arrive?

Answer: A shipping delay is no cause for concern and in the years I have been selling my products it has been very rare for a non delivery. Customs authorities in your Country may delay the import in some cases.

Question: Can I install the stars on a concrete surface?

Answer: Provided the concrete surface is smooth and not dusty or flaky they should stick just fine. I have had customers over the past years installing on concrete with no reports back on failed adhesion. The surface should be well vacuumed before installing and you should press each star for at least 3 seconds to get the adhesive to flow. The concrete must also be free of moisture when fitting. Also the stars are whitish in day colour so they will stand out on the grey surface during regular daylight hours.

Question: How long will the stars last?

Answer: There is no set end time of the stars they have the potential to work endlessly but provided your ceiling is clean and dry and your ceiling paint is not flaky or peeling when you fit the stars they should continue shinning for decades.

Question: Will the stars work on very high ceilings?

Answer: Yes the new stars will work perfect just be sure to have correct room darkness in order to see the faint range stars at distance. Also it will take more effort and time to put the stars up as the ceiling is harder to reach.

Question: Do your stars work on textured ceilings?

Answer: Many of my US and Canadian customers have textured/popcorn ceilings and tell me they have no problem as the stars are small enough to fit on flat spots all over the ceiling. You may have to glue or silicone the few largest stars if you don’t have large enough flat spots for them. Vacuum the ceiling before fitting the stars to ensure a good surface for adhesion and then the stars won’t be going anywhere unless you remove them.

Textured ceilings can be a little challenging to install because the stars tend to disappear or blend into the ceiling as you fit them. The only thing to be sure of is to keep moving so you don’t over apply in one area. It is better to have a thinner placement with left over stars to start with and then add more to certain area’s after seeing the effect in the dark room.

Question: Can I put stars on the walls as well as the ceiling?

Answer: You need to be careful adding stars to opposing faces as you risk actually reducing the effect. This is because any stars facing each other also cancel each other out to an extent so more is not better. You could try a few at a time on one wall and make sure to view overnight before adding any more.

Question: Will your stars stick to any ceiling?

Answer: Normal painted ceilings will be fine and I have been told they work on popcorn or textured ceilings by some customers also. The stars should be applied to the ceiling within 6 months of receiving the product as long term storage may result in the adhesive drying out on the star bases and failed adhesion to the ceiling.

Question: Will the star ceiling light shine through your eye lids?

Answer: No, The star light is very soft and will not penetrate your eye lids, your eye lids are like an on/off switch and once they are closed the light is gone.