Welcome to my about me page!

I am based 200KM West of Brisbane in Queensland Australia and this is where I hand make all of my star ceiling art. I started working on glow in the dark technology and testing various high grade commercial Photoluminescent pigments for their reliability and performance 14 years ago.

I initially wanted my own glow in the dark star ceiling and soon found that when it comes to having a truly realistic product there was nothing at all on the market anywhere, this was back in 2004. The only things I could find in abundance where stickers that look like glowing circles or what I refer to as glow confetti with no realism at all and the big bulky 5 point plastic stars.

It had taken 5 years of testing and development at that time before I created and released my first version stars that I called Micro Stars which have now evolved into my latest 5th gen XVR star ceiling!

About Me: The super long version 🙂

From an early age I was always fascinated with the night sky and growing up on a farm in rural Victoria (Australia) I had an amazing unobstructed view of the stars which was something I missed when having moved interstate. Many years later I had travelled to some of Australia’s most isolated Deserts including The Great Victoria Desert and Gibson Desert in Western Australia which have the most amazing night sky views

A few years after my last trip (Late 2001) I missed these night sky views and decided to setup stars on my ceiling thinking this would be common and at that time I expected there would be an abundance of choice, I was sadly mistaken. After researching and realizing there was nothing available but basic glow products which do nothing to portray the true night sky I decided to create this myself.

Initially I was hand painting canvas which had given me some beautiful results but I wanted to have my entire ceiling transform into a night sky not just a small section. After a year of trials I scrapped the canvas for two reasons. Firstly it was difficult to get a small piece of canvas to be neat and tidy on the ceiling let alone a full ceiling. Secondly as amazing as the painted result was on the canvas the effect would die off in front of my eyes and a large effect would be lost within just 30 minutes. I wanted the full ceiling turned into a night sky and one that would continue working throughout the night and soon found that effect was not going to come from glow paint.

Over the following year I kept trying different mediums and techniques to get my art on the ceiling but did not have the result I was after and being a perfectionist it had to be right. At this point I had stopped the trials and rather focused on the basic criteria needed to achieve the desired result which was,

The full ceiling area needed to be a perfect night sky not just a small section.

Which ever way I achieved this result needed to be easy to install.

The effect needed to last all night and not die off like glow paint.

The ceiling needed to look quite regular during the day.

To combine all of these criteria was easier said than done and it would take me a further two years, long hours, sleepless nights and further testing of idea’s that mostly failed before I created a medium that could meet all of the required tasks. The medium which I now refer to as micro stars where not only extremely small but each one of these tiny hand crafted items became it’s own individual light source (Star) on the ceiling and with it’s own personal intensity something critical in achieving realism. After early testing it became clear that I had not only created a medium which would allow me to transfer my night sky vision to the full ceiling but also one that would fit all the other required criteria.

This was an awesome achievement and even though I can write about it here in a few words it had taken years of passion and dedication to achieving the ceiling art result that I finally had. In 2009 I setup an online listing for my first version micro stars and soon found there was an abundance of people wanting what I had created. This was exciting as it meant that not only could these people enjoy their night sky but it would also mean that I could continue developing my star ceiling art further which was something that I still love doing to this day.

The following years however proved extremely challenging as I found it very hard to keep any stock levels of my ceiling art especially after the point where my first website I setup came to the top of Google for many key search phrases. This was a challenge in itself and a whole other story but I highly recommend designing your own website rather than using those crappy online market places they don’t stack up even slightly if you obtain a high ranking position.

My stars are fully hand crafted and this takes a high level of skill and is not something that can be mass produced or easily duplicated. Imitation versions have surfaced over the past years that copy some physical aspects of my stars but do not have the ability to create my artistic vision. Over the past years of selling my ceiling art I have been contacted by several individuals actually asking me questions on how to make a similar product as they are trying to copy what I do and cannot achieve the result, yes I actually get asked this, very sad but true it could actually go on my FAQ 🙂 One individual actually wrote an abusive email when I told him I do not share any information as to the regards of the making of my ceiling art.

I create my stars using high quality resins, photo luminescent pigments, self adhesive reflective bases and complex hand crafted techniques. I have many decades experience working with resins and this high skill level has allowed me to perfect my art. Producing enough stars has always been a challenge as it is not only time consuming but very physically demanding. In late 2012 I developed very painful RSI in my right arm, shoulder and lower back.

This was a direct result of the difficult and intricate nature of creating my ceiling stars under magnification and in the stock level required to keep up with customer demand. In early 2013 I was considering giving up making my ceiling art as my RSI was very disabling but I get continuous comments from people not only telling me how much they love what I do but to also not stop making it. This was also not something I wanted to stop doing myself as I have a passion for creating it.

I have many past customers contact me and ask if I was going to have stock as they where going to move house and wanted to make sure they could have their star ceilings in their new place before moving, very cool. So through 2013 I painstakingly continued to make whatever stock I could and at the same time kept trying to develop systems that would support my body so that my RSI would lessen and ultimately heal. I was successful to that end in early 2014 and am happy to say I no longer suffer any pain associated with the continuation of making my art and this has been an awesome achievement in itself.

I am more careful now and because I can only make a limited amount of stock I make a small amount of stars on almost every day of the year regardless of customer orders which keeps the physical load as low as possible and for the most part lets me keep up as the sales come in. This is the same as a painter that paints their art or a sculptor that sculpts their art they need to keep trickling their stock because it takes time to produce.

Now in late January 2018 I have developed the 5th generation XVR bedroom stars!