Glow in the Dark - Super Glow Domes

Enhance your night lifestyle with these super performance glow in the dark domes!  If fitted anywhere outdoors to receive outside daylight (Sunlight is not needed) my glow in the dark domes will match radio-active tritium gas glow in the dark for many hours each night. If fitted indoors and left to self charge the performance will vary as each glow dome will see a different level of ambient room light but they will still run at the very least equal to tritium for many hours per night. Also regular indoor daylight is how the domes are designed to work so you just place them where you want and then they work for you automatically every night regardless of giving them more powered light at any stage. Super charging them for 3 to 5 seconds each with a bright torch will power them up to a peak performance level.

Glow in the Dark Domes

Super Glow Domes – 10 pack – Shipping to Australia only.

Glow in the Dark Super Domes - Night Illumination

A completely unmatched glow in the dark performance and the result of 15 years of development and testing. Forget what you think you know about glow in the dark my triple layer glow domes make the best of the best glow in the dark look like very bad novelty products no matter how they are marketed and this is the reason I had to compare to Tritium something with a glow far above standard glow in the dark objects.

About my photographs, other makers of glow in the dark products will show you photographs taken just seconds after killing the light source so their products look like they have some performance. In reality the usefulness of any glow in the dark product is over the entire night and not in the first few seconds and this is the reason all of my photographs are taken between 90 minutes and several hours after darkness.

Glow in the Dark Super Glow Dome Vs Tritium 3hours after Dark

Compares to New Tritium Gas glow for many hours per night and emits a much nicer afterglow colour!

Glow in the Dark Super Domes - Innovation Information

Glowpatch Triple Layer Glow in the Dark Domes Magnification Image

This magnification clearly shows the intricate multi-layer hand casting.

Why my super glow in the dark domes can equal the glow performance of a new tritium gas key FOB for many hours per night is simply in the high grade photoluminescent pigment and the triple layer makeup of the domes (See Image) However as simple as they will look to you there is nothing simple about the actual hand production of such a complex little product.

Casting the multi-layers takes precision and the main high density glow layer is simply not cast friendly as it needs to have a crystal to resin ratio that does not play well. There is also the resin-gel waiting times between layers and the difficulty in metering the correct amount of material into each small mould cavity to maintain quality control and uniform glow dome performance. On top of this hand production process there is also a very high raw material cost for each pack of super glow domes so when you see the performance of this outstanding innovation working in the real world please realize the value.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me: and I will get back to you when I can, thankyou.

About Me

Hi! I have been involved with glow in the dark tech for the past 15+ years and many of you especially in the United States will know my glowpatch brand which was the XVR star ceiling for the past decade. I wanted to create my multi layer super glow domes before my star ceiling art but was not able to achieve an efficient production method due to the complexity involved in the castings. Now in mid 2019 I can make my glow domes and if you do try them out you will be amazed at the afterglow performance and glow longevity that they will provide in any dark area’s each night.