Star Ceilings - Create the Ultimate Star Ceiling!

I am clearing out the last of my glow in the dark star kits as I am moving onto a new unrelated art soon. You can purchase via the PayPal buttons below anytime which will remain until the last of my star kits are sold out. There are not many star kits left now and I am discounting two star kits (4 glow patches) until they are all sold out, see below.

Adult Realistic Star Ceiling - Super Simple Install!

Glow in the dark stars image of my next Gen XVR glowpatch used to create an adult realistic star ceiling..

Create your own star ceiling with ease using my final generation hand made XVR-552 Glowpatch’s. After more than a decade of making my star ceiling art this is the last chance to buy. XVR glow in the dark stars have true variation as you can see even while they are still on the glowpatch’s and this is critical in achieving a realistic star ceiling. XVR glow in the dark stars are created with experience and proven by time.

This PayPal button is for one XVR-552 star kit at AUD$89.00 (2 Glow Patches) and will create a true realism star ceiling over an 8-10sqm or 80-100sq. ft ceiling area.

This PayPal button is for two XVR-552 star kits at AUD$125.00 (4 Glow Patches) and will create a true realism star ceiling up to 20sqm or 200sq. ft or two full small ceilings.

New star variation technology. The 6th gen XVR glow in the dark stars now use multiple glow colours on many of the same stars which increases the already high star variation of past versions.

New low star brightness threshold. These stars will no longer add the same brightness level to a room as did past versions which in turn maintains room darkness while viewing and allows the full star ceiling depth to be seen.

Glow in the dark stars image of my 6th generation XVR used to create realistic star ceilings

Highly animated star ceiling. XVR stars are the only glow in the dark stars that will give you a highly animated star ceiling effect while being viewed in correct darkness, you do not get a boring static star ceiling effect.

Instant star ceiling. With XVR stars you do not have to wait hours in the darkness to start viewing even slight realism. Star ceiling depth, animation effect and night sky realism will be seen within just minutes of viewing!

An image comparing general glow in the dark stars with no realism to my XVR glow in the dark stars that provide high levels of true realism.

A  proven and unique concept with over 15000 star ceilings set up around the world since 2007. From toddlers to seniors the realistic night sky effect makes these glow in the dark stars a great gift for any person at any age!

Unlike fibre optics there is no need for ceiling excess, no cables to run, no power supplies to install and no holes to drill. There is also no mess like glow paint and the star ceiling outcome is always perfect.

Complex hand craftsmanship. Not just simple glow in the dark blobs my stars have true variation which is critical if you want to create an adult realistic star ceiling and the only way to achieve high depth while viewing the stars.

All the glow in the dark stars including the smallest micro stars have self adhesive bases so they are simple to place on the ceiling and no glue is required. They are also Zero VOC, Non-Radioactive and Non-Toxic.

The stars whitish daytime colour and micro sizes makes them virtually invisible on white or very light coloured ceilings during regular daylight hours and then simply stunning once the room is dark.

The best glow in the dark stars you can buy refined and perfected over the last 12 years and unmatched by other glow in the dark star stickers, glow paint, fibre optics etc.

Image showing my adult realistic glow in the dark stars.

Unique star strip format. Unlike other star types you do not have to think about which star to take next while applying and will not be second guessing your install. This makes your star ceiling setup simple & effective.

No large & awkward sheets of stars to hold and handle while installing. XVR multi-row star strips are easy to hold and you have your full variation star ceiling in your hand without having to get different star types separately.

The install video will go over the simplicity of setting up a true realism star ceiling and you can see the basics in the first few minutes. If you do purchase the stars I do suggest you watch the full video before doing your install to ensure you get the best result on your ceiling. There is a short split clip at the end of the video where I filmed a few of the real stars at my place and then the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so you can see the two side by side.

My glow in the dark stars will glow all night from basic charging by regular room light and will continue providing a perfect star ceiling each night for decades. The stars will drop down in intensity over many hours in darkness but will retain full variation even at low glow levels. The room/s must be correctly dark while viewing the stars or the high depth of the star ceiling will simply not be visible. Video and images show a blue colour because they are overcharged for the camera but while being viewed correctly they will appear to you as white stars with a bluish hue representing the true night sky.

Glow in the Dark - High Performance Glow Products

The following glow in the dark products are made to order only and have a 2-4 week lead time. You will need to contact me and let me know which product/s and quantity you require and also which country the order would be shipped too? Payment will be via a PayPal payment request. Once your order request is received I will send you a cost for the order plus the shipping cost based on your location, thank you.

Super Glow - Tent Peg Illuminators

Image of my glow in the dark tent peg markers used to illuminate the location of tent pegs while camping in darkness.

Glow in the dark markers that illuminate the position of tent pegs while camping these high performance hand made glow castings illuminate from dusk till dawn. An Afterglow performance with no equal. Tent peg illuminators come in a pack of 4 at AUD$36pck.

These glow markers have such a high afterglow performance they can even out shine full and direct moon light for many hours after dusk!

Super Glow - Mini Disc Illuminators

Image of my glow in the dark safety guide markers used to illuminate paths, objects, exits etc

Glow in the dark safety guide glow markers. Used to illuminate walls, paths, objects etc these high performance hand made glow castings illuminate from dusk till dawn. An Afterglow performance with no equal. Mini disc illuminators come in a pack of 10 at AUD$27pck. Bulk packs will be available for this product. To be glued in position with bathroom grade silicone or marine grade Sika.

Contact me

If you would like some specific information you can contact me: however it will likely take some time for the response so please be paitent.

Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling Feedback

Marcel, Last week, I was able to take the time to install my son’s star ceiling. And while it may take some time for my neck and shoulders to recover from sticking 2000 stars up there, it was completely worth the effort. I’ve attached a photo (a one-minute exposure since they’re so realistically faint), but you know better than anyone that photographs can’t begin to do justice to the real effect of lying under these stars. Drawing his heavy curtains and making the room pitch black thrusts us into a very realistic night sky experience.

As you can see, I’ve positioned many of the brightest stars to show some of the most prominent northern hemisphere constellations, and I even went so far as to try to preserve some important spatial relationships where possible. I want the ceiling to be as educational as it is beautiful, and I think, due to your outstanding product, it does an excellent job at being both!

Thanks so much for creating these amazing stars. You’ve made for one very happy customer, and a 4-year-old who adores them and will be thrilled to have these in his bedroom for a very long time. The stars are everything your website promises: realistic, long-lasting, and easy to install. They really are the best thing available on the market…by light years! Cheers! David – USA

Marcel, I know it has been forever since I bought these. I finally got the room finished I was remodelling. See the attached pictures. Feel free to use them. I had to send two emails because I am sending the .RAW image files. Thanks again. Amazing product. This surpassed everything I expected and you truly get lost in the night sky in your own bedroom. Jacob – USA

I ordered from you just a couple of weeks ago all the way from Nova Scotia, It’s an incredible product. My sons ceiling looks amazing, absolutely realistic. I’ve taken quite a few photos with a Gopro hero4 and they turned out incredible. Feel free to post them on your website. I’ll probably end up ordering more and loading up the ceiling, I currently only have about a 1/4 patch done and I added some very small glowing planets at his request.

A word about this customer feedback: The planets will be drowning out some or many of the faint/movement stars so if you do this yourself be aware that they will interfere with your night sky.

Hi Marcel, I took these pictures around 5:00 o’clock in the evening EST. the sun was going down. i closed the shades in the room. the ceiling pictures i will have to take when its much darker at night. Thank you for your professional service and for providing such a exceptional product. the different size and smaller stars is really what takes the whole night stars come alive in a realistic scene. I can see why your so busy with orders…

I was not able to get good shots of the ceiling and walls together. The room looks amazing once it got dark here. My wife and I were laying on the floor admiring the depth and color of the stars. It was like star gazing in the middle of a clear sky at night but in the comfort of our own home. We could even set up a tent to camp in the room! 🙂 Thanks again. I will try and send pictures of the ceiling when I have more time. victor – USA

Hey Marcel, Stunning, absolutely amazing 🙂 Thank you very much for this awesome night-sky !!! I’ve attached a picture I took now that I’ve finished setting up the stars, maybe you want to put it on the website 🙂 Great job man!